Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

The Holidays are coming whether we like it or not, and this year has felt like it is crucial to have shopping done early and ready to go. Nothing is more stressful than trying to decide what to buy for the people on your list. But having lists of easy, go-to items makes the process go slightly more smoothly. 

So let's begin with a list of 3 stocking stuffers on our website that all come in under $10. And with all of these products ready to ship, no supply chain problems are going to keep you up at night with these goodies. 

1. Woven Bookmark ($5) This is the perfect gift to give the book lover in your life, especially if you are giving them a book as a present. If they're anything like me, they will use the time off to read and what better way to keep your place than a hand woven bookmark? 

A woven bookmark lies on top of an open book.


2. Cord Clip ($4) or Earphone Holder ($6) As things start opening back up, there is only going to be more travel and commuting. All of those things that used to come so easily (like packing) will have to be relearned. Thankfully something as small as a clip to keep cords together can make the process that much easier. Throw a couple of these in someone's stocking and they will be able to enter the new year with at least some organization.


3. Hair Tie ($7.50) I've said it before but I'll say it again, a hair tie is the most multi purpose gift you can give from AlterNarrative. Use it in your hair or throw it on a bag for some flair. Whatever someone decides to do with it, they will fit perfectly in a stocking and whoever receives it will surely be delighted. 
Hopefully this list gets you excited for the upcoming season and gives you great ideas for those you love!