Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms... they've given us everything and yet every year we struggle to gift them something they will truly enjoy. (Are we too old for a macaroni encased picture frame?) They are some of the most overworked and under appreciated people I know, so let's pull out all the stops.

Gift idea #1 Beach Towel

With the summer fast approaching and the hope of things being more open, I think everyone is dreaming of a get away. And maybe you already have a family vacation on the calendar. So what better than to give mom a luxurious towel that she can lay out on while at the beach? So maybe in all reality, it will be for toweling someone off and not relaxing, but might as well give her a beautiful towel to do the job, right? And with a thin weave, you can always fit just one more in the beach bag. 

Also, these colors just shout "tropical vacation" to me. 

Light Blue Turkish Towel draped over the edge of a bathtub.           Teal Turkish towel draped over the side of a bathtub.


Gift idea #2 Cosmetic Bag

Just because it's called a cosmetic bag doesn't mean you should let it limit you! This bag is the perfect size to carry toiletries, snacks, pens or whatever you might need to carry with you. Your mom doesn't have to be the next big thing in makeup to put this bag to good use. I would recommend putting in some nice lotion (hands are dry from all that washing) and if you really want to go above and beyond, get her a giftcard for a massage. Because every mom needs some pampering after carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. 


A cosmetic bag sits on a table next to a plant.

Gift idea #3 Market Tote

I still remember going to the farmer's market with my grandmother as a little girl. And these market totes are perfect for just such an occasion. Whether mom is trying to be more "green" or just needs another bag to carry along, this tote will do the job perfectly! And the strong material will last her for years to come. 

(Plus it comes in 2 colors so you can pick whatever works best for her!)


Hope this gave you some ideas or Mother's Day and beyond! Mom's deserve the best and I hope you're able to gift it to her this year! 

Anything I missed? What are you giving to mom this year?


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