Kemer Towel

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This Peshtemal Turkish Hamam towel is not the ordinary thin Turkish towel. In name, it is a towel but has many more uses than just in the bathroom. They are beautiful enough to be used as a table cloth or as a stylish shawl. But they're still thin enough to dry fast and act as space savers making them practical towels for the beach, the pool, camping, yoga, and at the gym.    

Kemer Luxury Towel 73 in x 37 in, 1.32 lbs 

Made from 100% GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton. 

All of our towels are handwoven on old-world style shuttle looms designed by weavers in villages in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. 

The Kemer Luxury Towel in Green and Ecru.

Our towels:

  • absorb moisture and breathe better than traditional towels,
  • stay soft with time,
  • last for a minimum of 20 years,
  • will never get that musty smell,
  • will not harm your family's skin,
  • have been produced through environmentally-friendly processes

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