Ylang Ylang Pillow Covers

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In Madagascar, the Ylang Ylang flower grows plentiful and is harvested for its sweet scent similar to a honeysuckle. The Ylang Ylang Pillow Cover captures some of the beauty of this flower through the hand embroidery of the women of Mama Vao Vao. Each piece is hand stitched using a method that has been passed down for generations and will bring dimension to wherever you decide to place it. Perfect for a bed, couch or armchair. It will be more than an accessory in your home, this pillow makes a statement.

The back of the pillow has a two button closure (buttons may differ between pillows). The nature of these pillow covers is that the stitching on the sides is on the outside. This results in a more raw edge look, which means there are some loose threads. This does not affect the quality of the pillow and can be removed if desired. Each of our products is handmade and may vary slightly. This makes your product truly one of a kind!

 *This listing is for the pillow cover only*

Because of the handmade nature of the pillow covers, there may be some slight variation in size between product. The Ylang Ylang Pillow cover measures approximately 23 inches by 22 inches. Picture shown is with 24 inch inserts.