Ylang Ylang Tea Towel

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The light, honeysuckle-like scent of the Ylang Ylang flower floats through the air in Nosy(No-see) Be(Bay), Madagascar. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine it. Bring a piece of that atmosphere into your home with theWYlang Ylang Tea Towel. The delicate petals will make you imagine what it must be like to gaze upon a vast horizon of these beauties.  


The flower design is hand stitched by the women of Mama Vao Vao using a style of embroidery that has been passed down for generations. And the cream background gives the African fabric flower space to shine. With a semi raw edge and the maker's name on each piece, this tea towel is sure to add dimension to your kitchen, bathroom or wherever you decide to use it. 

Each tea towel is hand made and there may be some variations. This makes your purchase truly one of a kind!

Because of the handmade nature of the tea towel there is some variation in the size. Width is about 18.75 inches and length is about 30.5 inches.